First rehearsal of “Mother”, January 2016


dany’s costume change
📸: brian william waddell

“mother” was the first song written for Seven, in august 2015. It’s the most personal of all the songs on the album, and when I wrote it, I still thought that the “Game of thrones” connection would be a loose, secretive one. i thought it would be fun to drop in hints about dragons, but in a way where they could also be perceived as metaphors, while focusing on the character’s more universal themes. “Mother” is about my own choices and struggles being a woman approaching the end of her child-bearing stage of life, and considering the other things i’ve given life to. Are those things enough, or will i always be wanting? i chose to write about the point in daenerys’s arc where she is suddenly a leader, no longer a pawn, and has three baby dragons. she was a young, powerless girl sold into marriage- but When the comet appears in the second book, she considers it a sign that heralds her coming, and sees the throne in westeros as her birthright.