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our sweet jayne/jaynie/mj/jaime glammister is departing on the high seas until summertime 😭 

Nate Jasensky (producer of seven) will be taking over guitar duties until his return!


we released a music video in July for "Teeth" from SEVEN - Made by NonLinear Knitting on the road and at Con of Thrones.

we teamed up with some friends to create an acoustic mash-up of "Half" with "Hands of Gold" (Game of Thrones) and Ed Sheeran's "Castle on the Hill". watch the video by Vonesper Studios now!


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... And check out this collaboration with Zoe Friedman from Thrilldriver: a beastie boys/Game of thrones parody called "harrenhal". all the bad twerking + ketchup blood here.