“Harrenhal” music video

🎥 by Vonesper Studios & Zoe Friedman


Bran/the Three-eyed Raven

I set out to write a song for Bran the boy, but I ended up writing a song for the Three-Eyed Raven. When I realized that’s what was happening, it instantly became an eight minute long epic that included musical themes from each of the other six songs, and touched on every corner of the world. This album is all about perspective, which is why I echoed George R. R. Martin’s Point-of-view approach, and I imagined that Bran would eventually be able to see across perspective. This left me with the daunting task of summing up “A Song of Ice and Fire” without knowing its ending, so I just attempted to capture the feeling: bittersweet, disorienting, dreamlike, all-encompassing.