SPRING FLING '98 makes its triumphant return- and is surprisingly hot without glasses. we'll be performing our traditional set as tragic kingdom-era no doubt!

Saturday, june 2nd at hank's saloon 👑🎉



We'll be reprising our set of David bowie's Hunky Dory for a special encore performance at the way station on saturday, july 7 ⚡


Multiverse (Quantum Nonlocality), Parallel Universe Wormhole, Quantum Creation, Infinite Synchronicity, Colliding Bubble Universes - Infinite Quantum Zen.gif

the adventure has begun over on patreon. join the worldbuilding efforts + learn to travel the multiverse! 


we teamed up with some friends to create an acoustic mash-up of "Half" with "Hands of Gold" (Game of Thrones) and Ed Sheeran's "Castle on the Hill". watch the video by Vonesper Studios now!


giphy (1).gif

... And check out this collaboration with Zoe Friedman from Thrilldriver: a beastie boys/Game of thrones parody called "harrenhal". all the bad twerking + ketchup blood here.